Thursday, April 21, 2011

Proud to be a part of the change

India is changing. There are no two ways to go about it. We are on the way forward. The standard of an average Indian is definitely on the rise. Education and wealth are bringing to this nation what it needed for so many decades. The taste of luxury is around us. Its beautiful, its likeable and its something an average Indian only dreamt about. The hardwork is paying off. Investing in education is the reason for me. As the world takes a closer look at the skilled manpower this country has to offer to them India will only rise from here. Its time to sometimes wait and look what we've done to ourselves and feel proud about it. That's exactly what I'm doing in this blog. Yes, there may be things that needed to be sorted out but definitely this past decade has seen India and Indians change by leaps and bounds. At the ground level, the lifestyle we are able to afford is pleasing and welcome. When every Indian is fed well, dressed well and sleeps a good night's sleep it feels nice. When we can afford what we need and want without too many worries it feels better. When people enjoy, work hard and competing at global level, it feels good.
In a nation where cricket is a religion its so easy to see through it what the country has achieved in the last few years. IPL has got to be one of the most proud achievement of a nation which has turned its passion into a huge entertaining extravaganza. Through it we have proved to the world what a simple game can do to a country. The entertainment, the cultural amalgamation, offering huge sums to foreign cricketers in addition to a great opportunity for our young players, the economic flow it helps to generate. tourism, infrastructure, development it brings along and the name it creates for our nation is something special and a reflector of what this country has achieved in the recent past. The cricket WC is crown that we have been rewarded with in this regard. Its beautiful.
Given the huge nation that we are a lot of things definitely become difficult to implement and improve but this decade has shown us its possible. Its a celebration when this nation enjoys. Hoping the celebrations continue and we become world beater not only in cricket but in every field because we deserve to be there.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Strangers to this world Strange we are

So many people, so many thoughts and ideas, too many to handle. And that's the story of a nation that seeks an international standing going into the next decade. We may have learnt to write a few codes, learnt foreign languages, worked with a lot of good international companies, have a soaring GDP, we may have learnt to do it the US way in a lot of our day-to-day activities the fact is, India's perception is nowhere close to what it should be or rather what it can be. The big question mark India faces in its next decade of growth is to find its individuality. The world should be able to locate us on the world map. We don't want to stand behind and deliver. The time has come to embrace risk and bold measures, to stand on our feet, to deliver the goods from end-to-end, to tell the international players that we deserve a lot more respect and that we've gotten above our sustenance seeking measures. We are here to compete. And make no mistake to compete with the very best. Otherwise no point coming so far. No point being a developing in as a slave of developed countries ideas. We have got the visibility alright now its high time that we launch ourselves to showcase our strengths to the world and lets take the baton right in our hands. We need no coaching, we are not here to add stuff and staff to offices, we did all this to get to the system and now that we are a part of it, lets take the initiative to create it. We were all strangers when we interacted with the world in the last decade, now its time to show that we are strange for a reason. That reason is Indianness. Let's put our stamp on the world.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can I tell something about myself Sir?

Sir: Please tell us something about yourself
Me:I want to do it Sir, really. I know English, i know coding sir, i know pretty much anything and everything you want me to know Sir. You see I come from a country who has crores of people, we are so use to work hard to earn our share, I come from a country which have millions like me Sir but I am the best Sir for you. You see I have sound academic record, I have scored so much better all throughout, I have taken so many degrees, I have rich and so relevant experience for you Sir. I have aptitude, attitude and everything you want Sir. I want to be a part of your organisation, I want to learn and I see myself taking my career to the next level if given an opportunity Sir.
Sir: Relax,boy. Just be yourself.
Me: Are you sure? OK. I don't know why I have to go over all the lines again and again. I want to be me Sir. And I only want money to do that Sir. I want it from you Sir. That's the only reason why I call you Sir. I think we can do much better than we do. I don't want to be obsessed with those lines. Its just that I would never be able to meet my needs if I don't go over the lines again and again. My need is not basic Sir. I want a bit more. A bit more for myself and my family. I want to buy my favourite watch, shoes, branded shirts, a sedan, hang out, get rid of that sleeper class of railways Sir. I want to see how Singapore, Hongkong, US, Europe look like Sir. I want to be a bit more to be myself Sir. I want to be heard, to be known Sir. I want to tell people in my locality that I am something Sir. I know these are very trivial for you Sir but frankly what you think is trivial for me Sir. Our world is small because yours is big Sir. We sometimes hope and sometimes grumble to get some part of your big world Sir. I know you are taking advantage of us Sir and you think we don't know but we know Sir. You think we are for your service but we are not Sir. We want to learn the rules of the game you play Sir and we want to beat you at it Sir. You think you are smart Sir but we think probably we are smarter. Somewhere down the line we'll show you Sir. I know you'll smile at all these comments. But we want to laugh Sir. We'll enjoy our days, if only our days the financial backing that you have Sir. To cut the long answer short as you like it that way, if I was myself I would not be here Sir. But here I am trying to do what I cannot. Answer your questions perfectly. I cannot because I don't want to but I will because I have to.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Need of the hour

India needs to do a lot more than the 7-9% GDP growth we have achieved over the last few years. As a person who has been mostly residing and travelling in the urban parts of India I write pretty much for the needs of urban society of India here.
Yes, we have had a revolution in telecom, yes we have better retailing outlets and malls out there. We see huge construction sites, a lot of vehicles around, metros and AC buses which have improved public transport but have also added to the congestion. Airports are getting developed and travel by air has become affordable for more than a few. A lot of MNC's are coming and giving our youth attractive packages to glamorize their lives. Overseas travel is common now. McD's and pizza huts are common. So yes urban India is looking up. Its good but we have to do better.
We need a revolution in transportation. Railways are such a messy way of commuting either inter-city or within the city. The traffic congestion and overcrowding is so uncomfortable. The railways websites and number of trains connecting cities, the efficiency of reservation and complaints is dismal. The food and cleanliness while travelling is so poor. The average speed of Indian trains is so much of a concern. Within the city too, in cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Bombay people who don't have personal vehicles are grappling with overcrowding and pollution, lack of footpaths and proper connectivity and city planning. The people with vehicles are worried about the parking, congestion and safety. So in a way its a simple but concerning issue for most of the metro travellers.
Another issue that seems to be a concern is health care. Busy and unorganized lifestyle, unawareness and being ignorant towards a healthy diet has made and there is no doubt will make the situation worse for the health of urban India. With healthcare is such direst state, India needs to look at the number of good doctors, hospitals and other medical amenities which can be made available.
Terrorism and crime which has taken the world aback from the beginning of this century will require some special effort from all of us to give a fight. The answer for me has always lied in reforming our education system and doing away the financial inequality we have brought in this society. A specialized effort to get quality teachers and professors in the system has to be made.
And make no mistake true education removes differences based on caste, colour, region and religion in the society which lays the foundation of Educated Society.
Another point which deserves mention is we should actually limit emigration and immigration. It should be temporary and not permanent. Young people leaving their hometowns and tier-2 cities to NCR, Bombay and Bangalore. It does 2-3 very bad things to our society. First, naturally it puts a lot of pressure on the resources of these bigger cities. The original residents don't really appreciate this immigration for obvious reasons. It also takes away the brighter talent from their respective original places which in a way further hampers the development of that part of the country. So its not a happy feeling at all for both the residents and outsiders as well as the nature. So its very important to distribute development across the length and breadth of the country. I know its unity in diversity but realistically experience tells me nobody really appreciates intermingling beyond a certain level and actually its not wrong. Every place has its own culture and people have their own characteristic behaviour and development doesn't mean we take those things away from them.
To conclude India has still has so many issues to look into inspite of the roaring noise of economic that we hear everywhere around us that we can't afford to sit and appreciate what we have achieved in the last 10 years or so. We have to do a lot more to let the world know that we are special or atleast right now we are not close to what we can be.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

An 'I' thinking Indian

I am an Indian and let me think like one. Let me just go through with some of things here and there, how it feels and how I think when I am here and there. And allow me to be unorganized because that's the way I am. So why not carry over the same here.
Why people rush to occupy the vacant seats in a bus, get their luggage first in the train, looking for the cheapest deals in all their basic needs, jumping the light to steal those few minutes,trying to impress their teachers in schools, professors in college and bosses in a job, spending time on those TV shows ? Why are they talking most of the time, but afraid to speak on a subject in public?
Why is being late OK, why sweet talk be a cover up for lax work? Why I have to be the first in class, good in maths or science, why do I have to score the best grades, best jobs to be happy about myself? Why is it difficult to agree with somebody in a conversation? Why do I find it difficult to get the facts right first and be a listener till then? Why do I have to change a job to get people talking to me? Why all costlier things are always better? Why is it I don't actually feel good being an Indian, why do I have to look up to America for most things? Am I important as an Indian in this world? Or for that matter, am I looked after by my country?
Why is my tax so difficult to plan and pay, why is it I am so unaware about how to manage my money? Why am I reluctant to travel freely in the night? Why is it that my hardwork fails to fetch me a good house, a car and good hygienic food? Why is it that our movies, our rails, our education, our healthcare so bad compared to other countries? Why I do I find myself wanting in interpersonal and communication skills still after 20 and after my school and colleges?
Why am I thinking about people around me and comparing and competing all the time? Why is that I am so influenced by their actions and comments? Is it the same all over the world or is this something only we specialize in? Why do they say our culture is the most coveted across the world, why don't I feel the beauty of it?
What is it that makes our streets dirty, what is it that our tourist places are hubs for looting and in the news for criminal cases, why is it so tough to be ourselves in front of outsiders?
Why can't we do a Google or a Microsoft?
Why do I have so many questions? What makes me write down all of them here?
I don't know and in fact probably if I think probably I don't have to know. That's the way we are. Probably that's the way we are to be, we are meant to be, but why is it that's not the way I want to be?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Elite Institutes:An obsession and Education

Obsession: An unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone. That is what I mean by it. Let's begin this blog with the foremost issue that shapes up a nation. Yes, its "Education" I'm talking about.
An its an obsession with the elite institutions. Its an obsession with the conventional methods of learning I'm talking about. Its not just an "opportunity" when you get into such institutes. Its only then you receive the tag of credibility from the society. History will tell you that the products of these institutes have been few of many who have shaped our society. But then why is there so much difference with the perceptions when these people are trying to their noble work. Why this nation gives a second look only to a certain esteemed labels.
There is no doubt that each one that gets through is brilliant and demands respect. But that doesn't make them superior. What's the aim behind selecting the best and giving the best education and resources that we have? I don't know what the aim is but it should not be something which doesn't help our society. If we are making 99/100 students look hopeless just because they are not 1/100 its unfair. If success is mostly inspiration, we aren't giving our nation best chances to succeed. I've been lucky to have attended one out the prestigious ones. It makes me feel sad to make such observations.
Let's all realize life doesn't require you to solve the toughest the problems of maths, physics, chemistry or come up with new theories in economics, finance etc etc to make it good. Its very good if you can do that stuff but you can be good at anything literally anything and its OK. The priorities of life are very different for everybody, the abilities and capabilities differ, the goals are, the gifts given cannot be the same then why can't the education system get this simple thing into our heads. I don't know about how perceptions are outside our nation but definitely somethings got to change here.
Lets get some respect generated for each individual. Education should make each of us better individual, make us think better and it should make us realize the equality of so-many unique individuals around us. Lets be the same to everybody. Somehow this nation has to make those 99 feel better. Just imagine 100 people working for their goals and not looking at that one individual for what they have to do and what not to. That way this nation can work on its strengths and atleast get rid of one of the possible weakness. We are not a rich nation, we are not blessed with luxuries, the only thing we are blessed with is people. "People" is our strength. Sorry "Educated People" can be our strength.
Lets get educated which includes Lets respect people. I know there are too many in this nation but that makes no individual small. Lets incorporate this in our thinking, our society, our education. Let's get rid of this obsession with the 1/100's elite institution people. Lets respect for them whatever they are but lets not undermine what others can do.
Its an obsession, believe me it is and its not good. Lets end the obsession.